SOLVED:All heights are in inches. Child Height Estimator

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All of the java classes should be placed in a package named edu.iltu.itk275.assignment3.. The class should be submitted as an attachment to this assignment. They may be submitted individually or placed into a single archive (.zip) file. One way to estimate the height of a child is to use the following formula, which uses the height of both parents: Hmale_child = ((Hmother * 13/12) + Hfather) / 2 Hfemale_child = ((Hfather * 12/13) + Hmother) / 2 All heights are in inches. Write a Java application that takes as input the gender of the child, the height of the mother in inches and the height of the father in inches, and outputs the estimated adult height of the child in inches. The application should allow the user to enter a new set of values and output the predicted height until the user decides to exit. The user should be able to enter the height in feet and inches, and the application should output the estimated height of the child in feet and inches. Use the int data type to store the heights.

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