CMSC 405 Final Project

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The final project is where you build and design an OpenGL project that incorporates much of what you have learned this semester. I am leaving what you do for the final project somewhat up to you. However; I am expecting something spectacular from each your that incorporates many of the techniques we have used this semester. I provide the following guidelines:
1. The work must be something you created for this class and is original work. Make it something you have wanted to do.
2. You should incorporate geometric transformations, animations, physics equations to guide part of the animation, lighting effects, textures and some 3D objects.
3. The end results should be something you are proud of, is meaningful to you, and demonstrates your knowledge gained in this class.
4. It can be a game, a simulation, or visual effect or anything else that you want to do in the OpenGL environment.
5. You should only use C++ libraries we have incorporated in the class discussions and examples to date. In other words, bringing a third party C++ library is not acceptable.
Deliverables: You should submit a well-organized, word document that includes screen captures of the output of running your Visual C++ code. The word document should also include a description of your project that discusses how you incorporated each of the required items listed above and why you selected to do this application. In other words, what this application means to you from a development or personal perspective. You should also discuss limitations to the application and possible future enhancements. The documentation should also include how to compile and run the application.
You should submit your C++ source code files for your application. The main file used should be named yournamefinalproject.cpp.