SOLVED:CMIS 440 Advanced Java Programming – online store web site

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The following project is for CMIS 440 Advanced Java Programming. Done using netbeans a IDE.
Project Objectives:
After completing this Project, you should be able to:
Analyze, design, develop, test, and deploy small-to-medium-scale Web applications
Create dynamic Web applications using JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology and Java Servlets
Develop robust Web applications using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, session management, Model 2 architecture
Develop application functionality using Oracle database
Develop well-written documentation for a Web application
Project Requirements:
1. Create your own online store web site selling products of your choice.
2. Create pages that allow you to search and buy available products as well as add, update, or delete products from your inventory.
3. You must use JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology and Java Servlets.
4. You must use a model 2 architecture
5. You must use Oracle on UMUC’s Nova server for your database.
6. Your Application should be user-friendly