Quantum Physics Ex 4-Multi-run script Solved

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Exercise 1: Multi-run script

Consider the program developed in Exercise 3 of Week 1.

  • De ne the matrix dimension Nas an input value to be read from
  • Write a python script that changes N between two values Nmin and Nmax, and launches the program. Store the results in di erent les depending on the multiplication method used.
  • Plot (using gnuplot) the results for the di erent multiplication methods.

Exercise 2: Automated            ts

Consider the program of the previous exercise.

  • Fit the scaling of the time needed for di erent methods as a function of the input size. Considerthe biggest possible di erence between Nmin and Nmax.
  • Save the gnuplot le you used in part (a) and exploit it to write a python script that performs automatically the previous ts.
  • EX4-av0wse.zip