Quantum Physics Ex 2-Latex Template Solved

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Exercise 1: Latex Template

Using Latex create a template to submit reports, including:

  1. Heading with your name and the date
  2. Footer with exercise number and course name and year
  3. A title
  4. An abstract
  5. Di erent sections, such as (if applicable)
    • Theory: Explain brie y the theory you have based your solution on.
    • Code development: Introduce strategies, tests, and report debugging problems, compilations options.
    • Results: Present data and explain your results.
    • Self-evalutation: What have you learned? What can be done next? What went wrong and why?
  • Prepare this and following weekly reports using such template. The maximum length of the report is ve pages.
  • Upload the report in Moodle under the correspondent exercise.
  • File names must include your name, exercise number and codewords report, and code. Example: Ex2-Rossi-REPORT.pdf

Exercise 2: Derived Types

In Fortran90 write a MODULE which contains a double complex matrix derived TYPE that includes the components: Matrix elements, Matrix Dimensions, Matrix Trace, and Matrix Determinant.

  • De ne the correspondent TYPE.
  • De ne a function/subroutine that initializes this new TYPE
  • De ne the functions/subroutines Trace and Adjoint
  • De ne the correspondent Interfaces of the previous points.
  • De ne a subroutine that writes on le the Matrix TYPE in a readable form.
  • Include everything in a test program.
  • EX2-itqosx.zip