Quantum Physics Ex 1 Solved

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Exercise 1: Setup

  • Create a working directory.
  • Open emacs and write your first program in FORTRAN(c) Submit a test job.

(d) Connect to the cluster spiro.fisica.unpd.it via ssh and repeat the execution

Exercise 2: Number precision

Integer and real numbers have a finite precision. Explore the limits of INTEGER and REAL in Fortran.

  • Sum the numbers 2.000.000 and 1 with INTEGER*2 and INTEGER*4

  • Sum the numbers π 1032 and 2 · 1021 in single and double precision.

Exercise 3: Test performance

Matrix matrix multiplication is many times the bottleneck of linear algebra computations.

  • Write explicitely the matrix-matrix multiplication loop in two different orders.
  • Use the Fortran intrinsic function.
  • Increase the matrix size and use the Fortran Function CPUTIME to monitor the code performance.

Use the compiler different optimization flags and monitor the performances

  • EX1-g0mxvq.zip