ISM3255 Assignment 1 Solved

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Warm up exercise

a.       Write an application to find and print all numbers between 1 and 1000 which are multiples of 7 (e.g. 7, 14, 21, etc.)

b.      Extend part a to exclude numbers which are multiples of 5 (e.g. 35)

c.       Extend part b to calculate and print the count of the numbers meeting the criteria (which are multiples of 7 but not multiples of 5).



Write an application that grades a multiple choice test with 10 questions taken by 4 students. The application finds each student’s grade based on that test, and then displays: a table listing students’ numbers and theirs grades out of 10 (the number of correct answers).

The students’ numbers, their answers to the questions, and the answer key for all questions are as given below.

Student’s Number                      Student’s Answers to the Questions

     1                   A B A C C D E E A D

2                   D B A B C A E E A D

3                   E D D A C B E E A D

4                   C B A E D C E E A D

     Key                 D B D C C D A E A D


Sample Input

1-      Each student’s number and their answers are presented in a string variable in the following format:


Note that the first character represents a student number. The student’s first answer starts at the second character of the string (the 10 answers by the same student are NOT separated by spaces). The length of the each string is 11 characters. So students’ information can be coded as follows:

string s1=”1ABACCDEEAD”;

string s2=”2DBABCAEEAD”;

string s3=”3EDDACBEEAD”;

string s4=”4CBAEDCEEAD”;

2-      The answer keys are presented in a string variable in the following format:

string keys=”DBDCCDAEAD”;

HINT: You can copy this piece at the beginning of your Main method:

string s1=  “1ABACCDEEAD”;
string s2=  “2DBABCAEEAD”;
string s3=  “3EDDACBEEAD”;
string s4=  “4CBAEDCEEAD”;

string keys= “DBDCCDAEAD”;

Console.WriteLine (“Students Number    Student Grade”);





Sample Output

Hint: Start with student s1.

a.       Write a program to calculate how many of his answers are correct.

b.      Extend your program to calculate his grade.

c.       Repeat the program for all students








Instructions for Submission


1.      Save your program as A1_groupX.cs. (replace X with your group number)

2.      Include your group number in the first line and the PRESENT members in line 2 of your code

3.      Submit the .cs file as an attachment using the E-Learning Assignment tool.