ISM 3255 Assignment 3 Solved

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 Following ASG02, continue to do these tasks:


1-     Compare your answer with the sample answer and make sure you understand every line of the code.

2-     See if you can make the sample answer shorter (e.g. by removing the curly brackets

Main Task

Modify your answer to ASG02 as follows.

1-     Start by removing the 4 “hard coded” students’ answers and the key answer

2-     Ask the user to enter (ReadLine) the key answer in the following format:

 “XXXXXXXXXX” followed by Enter (notice the input is 10 characters long

3-     Ask the number of the students (n) from the user

4-     Based on n, your code asks for n students answers each in the following format

“YYYYYYYYYY” followed by Enter (notice the input is 10 characters long

5-     After receiving all n answers, print a similar table as ASG02 (note that the student#s (student numbers) are calculated by your code and displayed.

6-     Compute and display the average score for all students.


Write part 6 using a function (method). The function input is the arrays of scores and the output is the average of the scores.




Instructions for Submission


1.      Your code should start with these two lines:

a.       //Group Number: <your group number>

b.      //PRESENT Members <members working on this assignment>

2.      Save your program as A3_yourGroupNumber.cs.

3.      Submit the .cs file as an attachment using the E-Learning Assignment tool.

Not following the instruction will result in losing some of your assignment points