ISM 3255 Assignment 2 Solved

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 Following ASG01, continue to do these tasks:

1-     Modify your answer to ASG01 to use Arrays of string for students’ answers and arrays of int for their scores:

2-     Extend your program to:

a.     Compute the score percentage and the letter grade for each student following the grading scheme:

A: [90%, 100%], B: [80%, 90%), C: [70%, 80%), F: <70%. Note that B:[80, 90) means a student gets a B if his score is >= 80%, but strictly less than 90%.

b.     Compute and display the average score for all students



3. Extend your program to get the answers for student number 5 and student number 6 from the user (read from console). Remember the input format for each student is an 11-charcters long string like 5ABACCDEEAD. The user is expected to enter:

1. An 11-characters long string starting with student number 5 and ending by enter (return in mac) key

2. A second 11-characters long string starting with student number 6 and ending by enter (return in mac) key

Hint: Test your code by entering the key for student number 5: 5DBDCCDAEAD




Instructions for Submission


1.      Your code should start with these two lines:

a.       //Group Number: <your group number>

b.      //PRESENT Members <members working on this assignment>

2.      Save your program as A2_yourGroupNumber.cs.

3.      Submit the .cs file as an attachment using the E-Learning Assignment tool.

Not following the instruction will result in losing some of your assignment points