HW3 Improve HDL Code for Delay Performance Solved

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Note: Some of the following problems are extensions to the problems you have solved in HW2. You may reuse your source codes as the basis.

Problem 1)

A FIR filter output, ‘y’ can be defined by the following equation:

Here, ‘y’ is the filter output, ‘x’ in the input signal and ‘b’ is the filter coefficients. ‘N’ is the filter order. The higher the value of N is, the more complex the filter will be.

Given the following code segment of a  a 4 tap FIR Filter.


  1. Read the above FIR implementation, draw the filter diagram. Your answer should be something like
  2. Simulate the above code segments, submit the snapshot of waveform.
  3. Outline your method to estimate the throughput, latency, and the timing of this FIT filter accordingto logic diagram.
  4. Use Vivado to simulate the design, use real numbers to compute the throughput, latency, and thetiming of this FIT filter.
  5. To save energy, rewrite the code by rolling-up the design, now you are required to use only 1 FF and1 multiplier.
  6. Submit the logic diagram of your new design.
  7. Use Vivado to simulate this roller-up design, use real numbers to compute the throughput, latency,and the timing of this FIT filter.
  8. Compare the results of (e) and (d), summarize the differences.
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