CSCI4410 Web Technologies Project 4 Solved

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Using the multimedia files provided with this description, create an interface to a multimedia (text, images, videos, sounds) library system.
As in the demo in class, you setup should sections for each of Maya and Unity3D. The web interface should provide access using the summary/details capabilities of html5. When links to displayable items are displayed, they should slightly expand/pop-out as in the demo. Each item will be viewable (e.g. play a video), and each item should be downloadable. Controls should
be available when appropirate.

Also like the demo, a drag-and-drop section should be available for uploads as well as a button for file selection for upload. Uploaded files should be placed into a sub-dir named “uploads”. The contents of that directory may be deleted before testing.

Use turnin to submit a tar file containing all files for the project.

p4 will be graded on in this manner:
python3 -m http.server –cgi 5994 & ## where 5994 is a port I choose

in chrome on another computer, visit:

When I visit that URL, there should be a file there named p4.html
which I will select to load into the browser.