CSCI4410 Web Technologies Project 2 Solved

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This project will use javascript in addition to html5 and css3.

We will build one version of a single-page application (SPA). In this version, we do not keep track of “fake” URLs onto the page. Instead,
we build an interactive application that resides on a single page.
The project should present an interface similar to that demonstratedin class for the PlayCanvas Editor. The pc*.png files show the type of
layout that you need to provide, including situations in which variousparts of the interface have been collapsed. HOWEVER, you do not need to provide all the machinery available on PlayCanvas. Your version can be simple colored, collapsible sections like shown in the demo*.png files from the class demo. Also, you do not need to provide the drop-down menu.
As in the demo, the application should remain totally on the page when resizing down to an ‘unreasonable’ minimum.

As usual, grid and flexbox are OK; float and clear are not.

You may use the collapse_btn.png file in your project if you choose.

Use turnin to submit a tar file containing all files for the project.

p2 will be graded on in this manner:
python3 -m http.server –cgi 5994 & ## where 5994 is a port I choose

in chrome on another computer, visit:

When I visit that URL, there should be a file there named p2.html which I will select to load into the browser.