CSCI4410 Web Technologies Project 1 Solution

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This project will use html5 and css (with media queries); it will NOT use javascript.

Create a responsive web page using the grid and/or flexbox models. It should operate as the demo shown in class, i.e. support three
configurations based on page size:
– 750px
750px +
1000px +

There are 3 *.png files in the public directory that show basic layout at each size. Configuration should handle both arrangement inside the
bordered container, as well as relative sizes of the components, as in the demo.

Use turnin to submit a tar file containing all files for the project.

p1 will be graded on in this manner:
python3 -m http.server –cgi 5994 & ## where 5994 is a port I choose

in chrome on another computer, visit:

When I visit that URL, there should be a file there named p1.html
which I will select to load into the browser.

This is the basic technique which we will use for almost all projects this