CPT120 Assignment2 Solved

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Note: Please ensure that you have read sections 1-3 of this document before going further.

Your code must meet the following code requirements (section 4.1) and documentation requirements (section 4.2).

In places where this specification may not tell you how exactly you should implement a certain feature, the programmer (you) need to use your judgment to choose and apply the most appropriate concepts from class materials. Follow answers given by your “client” or “supervisor” (your coordinating instructor) under Canvas→Discussions→’Assignment 2’ when in doubt.

4.1) The following code requirements/concepts must be applied to demonstrate your knowledge of lesson materials and approaches; must refer to corresponding rows in the rubric (section 9).

C1. Code presentation and format – The program must be entirely in one Java class (one .java file). The name of the class (file) must be chosen to match the application (default names such as AssignmentX.java) will not be accepted. Code must be formatted consistently (Tip: use Eclipse→Source menu→Format before every submission). Must not include any unused/irrelevant code (even inside comments); what is submitted must be considered the final product.

C2. Data types and user inputs – Must use Scanner or JOptionPane. The program must take at least one numerical input and store in a variable of a numerical data type. The program must also take at least one String input and store in a suitable variable.

C3. else if statements – Must not have redundant conditions.

C4. while loops to repeat; no for, do..while, recursion, or any other form of repetition. while-loop condition must fail eventually. Must not use break, continue, return, System.exit or similar branching for terminating loops.

C5. Accessing and modifying values in (standard) arrays using while loops. No ArrayList or similar data structures. Students must demonstrate their ability to manipulate (standard) Java arrays on their own without using external classes/libraries.

C6. Create methods in addition to the ‘main’ method. Must not use static anywhere in the program except in the main method.

4.2) Documentation requirements. Must refer to corresponding rows in the rubric (section 9). [1.5+0.5=2 marks]

D1. The code comments in this assignment must focus more on the analysis of your approaches and their evaluation instead of simply translating the Java code to English (see rubric in section 9 of this document; examples will also be given in lessons). Write comments before code blocks (e.g. before methods, loops, ifs, etc. where you can have { }) and important variable declarations.

D2. Explain any code requirements that you have not met and all bugs (situations that might cause the program to crash or behave abnormally) in the approximate locations they originate within your code. Bugs imposed by limitations in the lesson topics such as input type mismatches need not be corrected in code but they still must be documented, if they exist. If you do not have bugs, you must explicitly say that there are none. Tip: A good programmer knows the limits of their program. If doing B2, explain any standard code requirements that you may have violated due to the bonus requirements.

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