CPT120 Tutorial 1-Independent Investigative Effort 1Solved

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4. Programming task: Create a new Eclipse project (e.g named Week01-Tutorial) then create a new Java class named Myself. Copy and paste the code below and get it to run. (Hint: Watch recording of the 26/Aug/2019 lecture)

import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class Myself { public static void main(String[] args) {

String message; message = “”;

message = message + “Hello world!\n”; message = message + “My hobbies are…\n”;

message = message + “Programming is used/can be used in … for…\n”;

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, message);



Note: It is very important that you write things exactly as given. E.g. “myself” is not the same as “Myself”; do not put spaces where spaces are not found in the examples.

4.4: Now modify program from the previous exercise in this tutorial and personalise it by stating what your hobbies or favourite pastimes and if you have seen or have any ideas on how to use programming in your hobby/pastime. Answers are not checked for correctness 🙂

4.5: Add code comments to your program and identify and explain the following terms in your own words: Class, method, variable and a code block. Listen to the 26/8 live lecture as well.

4.6: Submit your Myself.java and a full screenshot of your entire Eclipse window via Canvas→Assignments→Independent Investigative Effort 1 then verify your submission.

Important note on late submissions: As the tutorial solutions are discussed immediately after the deadline, a full mark cannot be awarded for submissions made after the deadline. A university standard 10% late penalty applies for 24 hour blocks from the deadline for up to 5 working days late; submissions will not be accepted this period without special consideration)

Submissions made several days later may require longer time to mark as they have to be marked separately; contact your instructor if you have any issues or if you have received special consideration (see step 9 below also.)

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