CPT120 Tutorial 10 Solved

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  1. Follow the materials under Canvas→ Modules→We ek  10
    • With the help of your group tutor via the forums, modify the object oriented (OO) version of the MusicLibrary so that it reads song data from a file.

You can create a plain text file named ‘songs.csv’ where each song’s data are stored in the following format on separate lines:

<song title>,<song location>

Where <song title> is a particular Song object’s title and <song location> is that same Song object’s location.

To achieve this, create a method named ‘loadSongs’ where you read songs.csv one line at a time and create new Song objects as you go. Think of an appropriate way to invoke/call this method and do so.

  • With the help of your group tutor, create a method named ‘saveSongs’ which will save all of the Song objects in the format given in

5.1 above, to the ‘songs.csv’ file. Find out if you would overwrite the file or if you would update the file.

5.3. (Optional) Do the same for Renovation Project Manager.

  1. If you have not submitted your final version of A3, add comments explaining your plan. Note that this will not be marked but it is to help you progress.
  • Independent_Investigation_Effort_10-t6prmu.zip