AIP1091 Homework 3- Generation of additive, zero mean Gaussian noise Solved

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Homework 3: Generation of additive, zero mean Gaussian noise

  1. Please add a new function which can generate additive, zero mean Gaussian noises in HW2. Compile it to an execution file named “HW3student_number.exe.”
  2. The program code should exactly follow “Algorithm 2.3: Generation of additive, zero mean Gaussian noise” on page 35 (Chapter 3 PPT file) and be coded by yourself.
  3. The inputs of the program are the original image and the variance (or standard deviation) of the Gaussian noise. The outputs should include the noisy image and the histogram of Gaussian noise.
  4. The programming language and compiler should be C, C++, C#, Python, or JAVA.
  5. An example of the user interface:


(output image)                     (histogram of Gaussian noise)

  1. The report should include project topic, programming language and compiler, the main functions of the program, the flowchart of the program, testing results, and discussion (learning experience).
    • At least A4 2 pages, no more than 4 pages.
    • 12 point text, single line spacing, times font type. n Testing results should be more than 3 examples.
    • Learning experience should be more than 100 words.
    • The examples should be consistent with your project topic.