Write a function that counts the nodes in a linked list

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Write a function that counts the nodes in a linked list. % ”a 19. Build a complete List clam, using a linked-list implementation as described in this section. For basic operations it should have a constructor, destructor, copy constructor, assignment. and the basic list operations: empty, traverse. insert, and delete. Also. include a linear search operation to search the linked list for a given item, returning a pointer to a node containing the item in its data part, or a null pointer if it is not found. 21). For the U St class in Exercise 19, add a member function to reverse the linked list; that is. the last node becomes the first node, and all links between nodes are reversed. 21. For the H 51: class in Exercise 19, add a boolean-valued function that determines whether the data items in the linked list are arranged in ascending order. A skeleton of link list implementation is attached. You must also include the test/main I function to test the class.
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