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Write a generic class MyMathClass with at type parameter T where T is a numeric object  (Integer, Double or any class that extends java.lang.number)
Add a method standardDeviation (stdev) that takes an ArrayList of type T and returns a standard deviation  as type double.
Use a for each loop where appropriate.

Hard code a couple of test arrays into your Demo file.
You must use at least 2 different types such as Double and Integer.

Your call will be something like:

System.out.println(“Standard Deviation 0-9 “ + MyMathClass.stdev(a));

Your class and method headers will be:

public class MyMathClass<T extends Number {
public static <T extends Number double stdev(ArrayList<T a){

Research java’s Number class to see what useful method we are gaining access to.

Need to better understand Standard Deviation
Realized the assignment is based on SAMPLE Standard Deviation rather than POPULATION Standard Deviation.

Square a number with Math.pow

Square Root with Math.sqrt



Construct formulas based on MathisFun Sample Deviation Website

Test against Ken Moore code to validate