Vehicle Console application Solved

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Create a “Vehicle” class the has the private variables “registationNumber” (int) and “owner” (String).

Then, create a subclass Of the vehicle class called ” Car”. The car the following public variables:
brand, and maxSpeed (String, int, int). When you create a car, you should be able to set all three parameters and the two parameters of the superclass “Vehicle”.

Finally, create a “Roster’ class which should have as a variable an Arraylist of Cars, When you create a object, the arraylist should be empty. In the class, create a method that adds cars to the roster and a method that finds how many cars have n doors, with n as an input.

Then, in your program, create 3-5 cars and a new Roster. Add the cars in the Roster. Then, search the Roster to find how many cars have 5 doors. Finally, find the person who owns a Suzuki. (one of the cars you create should be a Suzuki for this)