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Joe’s Automotive performs the following routine maintenance services:

Oil change- $26.00
Lube job – $18.00
Radiator flush – $30.00
Transmission flush – $80.00
Inspection – $15.00
Muffer replacement – $100.00
Tire rotation – $20.00

Joe also performs other non routine services and charges for parts and labor ($20 per hour). Create an application that displays the total for a customers visit to Joes . All amounts are decimal.The form should look like the one shown below.

Include these functions:

OilLubeCharges: returns the total charges for an oil change and/or lube job, if any.

FlushCharges: returns the total charges for a radiator flush and/or transmission flush, if any.

MiscCharges Returns the total charges for an inspection, muffler replacement, and/or a tire rotation, if any.

OtherCharges returns the total charges for other services (parts and labor), if any. Note- add the labor rate as a parameter.

TaxCharges: Returns the amount of sales tax, if any. Sales tax is 6%, and is only charged on parts. If the customer purchased services only, no sales tax is charged.

Total Charges: Returns the total charges