Tax Evaluator Solved

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  1. Java application to accomplish the following task:Ask users to input the amount of tax they paid for the past 3 years.
  2. put the information to a text file.

After you are done, zip “compress” the text file and the java source file along with screen shot of your output, and submit.

  1. It must Use proper data structures in the program.
  2. Know how to write data to a text file.
  3. Use proper exception handling techniques to protect against file I/O errors.

Please note

The BufferReader class’s readLine method returns a line from a file as a String. If you need to perform calculations, you will need to convert the String object into a number. You can use a wrapper class to convert.

These methods are:

Methods Purpose Example

Integer.parseInt Convert a String to an int int num=Integer.parseInt(str)

Double.parseDouble Convert a String to a double double num=Double.parseInt(str)

Byte.parseByte Convert a String to a byte byte num=Byte.parseByte(str)

Float.parseFloat Convert a String to a float float num=Float.parseFloat(str)

Long.parseLong Convert a String to a long long num=Long.parseLong(str)

Short.parseShort Convert aString to a short short num = Short.parseShort(str)