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Your actual Course Project and user manual are due at the end of Week 7. However, it is strongly recommended that you start your project in Week 5 to avoid any last minute issues.

In Week 7, you will be required to submit a user manual, as well as your Java code. The user manual can be a simple Word document with screen shots that explains how to run your application. Your mark will depend both on the program quality and the quality of the user manual.

Here are some more detailed guidelines about the user manual.

  • It does not need to be long, probably not more than five pages, including screen shots.
  • Write at the expected user’s level, not too technical.
  • Detail all the functionality that the application provides.
  • For each function, show what its purpose is and sample execution, with a screen shot.
User Manual Points Description
Length 5 Manual contains explanation in detail of all relevant areas of the application
Screenshots 5 Images of each section of the application
Operations 5 Detailed operation of each section of the application
User’s Level Language 5 Must not contain code or any other technical items irrelevant to the users
Total 20  Meets or exceeds expectations


Application Code (Due Week 7)

The following grading rubric will be used for the code portion of the project.

Flooring Application Points Description
Standard Header 2 Must contain program name, student name, and description of the program
Program Compiler 2 Program does not have any error
Program Execution 2 Program runs without any error
Number of Tabs 10 Three or more tabs are used.
Components for All Required Inputs 35 Components for customer name, address, floor type, length, width, area, and cost with buttons to calculate area, calculate cost, display order summary, and display order list are included.
Area Calculation 4 Area is calculated correctly.
Cost Calculation 5 Cost is calculated correctly.
Data Validation 10 If no values or non-numeric values are entered, the proper error message should display.
Data within Database Table 10 When values are entered, the data is stored correctly in the database table.
Customer Orders 10 All records saved to the database are displayed in a list with appropriate formatting.
Correct Output 10 When values are entered, the order summary is shown with appropriate formatting.
Total 100  Meets or exceeds expectations


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