Target rate Notifier Solved

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A Currency broker company has asked us to build a system that notifies them when a currency pair rate reaches the target rate. User configures the currency pair and target rate.

The URL to get the Rates in XML form: “”

Example of the rate:

<Rate Symbol=”EURUSD”>








Here “Bid” is the current rate. “Ask” is the suggested sell rate. “High” is day high, “Low” is day low, “Direction” is 1=>up, -1=>down, 0=>no change compared to last rate, and “Last” is the time for last tick.

Design considerations:


1. You will need a parser to parse the XML. There are several examples online.

2. Start with hard coded user configuration. For example. Pair: EURUSD, Target rate: 1.381

3. Make it user entry once you have working code.

4. You will periodically check the rates, consider using a schedular.

4. For notification, we will assume that there is a system that will be called to notify users. You only display it on the screen if target has been reached.