Caitlyn’s Crafty Creations Program Solved

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Caitlyn’s Crafty Creations computes a retail price for each product as the cost of materials plus $14 multiplied by the number of hours of work required to create the product, plus $6 shipping and handling. Caitlyn’s Crafty Creations is having a semi-annual sale now, and everything is 25% off before shipping and handling:

Retail price = 0.75 * (cost of materials + (14 * hours of work)) + 6

Create a class that contains a main () method that prompts the user for the name of a product (for example, “woven purse”), the cost of materials before discount and the number of hours of work required. Pass the numeric data to a method that computes the retail price of the product and returns the computed value to the main () method where the product name and retail price are displayed. Save the program as