State Sales Tax Solved

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Lab Number, name and purpose of program
Minimum of 4 other meaningful comments in the code (e.g. //Statements is NOT meaningful)
Self-documenting variable names
Input the month and year as one string. Hint: use getline()
Rate of state sales tax of 5.6% is to be a preprocessor directive (this means the identifier name must be all UPPERCASE and begin with #define).
Rate of county sales tax of 3.3% is to be a memory constant declared local to main().
Test data: January 2017 and total collected of 81673.67
Output is to contain your name printed using cout object
Output is to be copied and pasted as a comment below the source code.
Decimal points must be lined up beautifully as shown above. This means you need to use iomanip, setprecision(), fixed, setw() at minimum.