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Create a program called “peptides” that will create a k-d tree from a peptide database (comma separated value formatted file) based on:

1. Mass
2. Normalized Elution Time **(NET)**

Your program should compute the mass of a peptide based on the amino acid
characters. You must create a hash table, including the hash function, to do
so. **You may not use a map** or data structure from the standard template

The program should also read a file containing lists of 2-D points of mass and NET, called the *observed list*. Each item in this file will also have a number called the ID (for index).
For each item in the observed list, perform a nearest neighbor search of the k-d tree, returning the closest peptide sequence and elution time. Your program should print **(in CSV format)** to standard output the list of all found peptides. Your distance function should be a Euclidean distance based on mass and NET.

Example data files are given on the Angel site.
Your program will be run as following:

peptides peptideDatabase.csv observedList.csv

Failed inputs should say “usage: peptides databaseFile observedListFile”

**Example Output (only showing one hit)**

Observed ID, Peptide, NET, Mass, Observed NET, Observed Mass
0, AGGVGGK, 0.1494728, 523.42, .1495, 523.426

## Notes:

Amino acid values can be found in the `”aminoAcidList.csv”` file, but they are also pasted here for viewing:

\ newpage

Characters Monoisotopic Value
———- ——————
A 71.03711
R 156.10111
N 114.04293
D 115.02694
C 103.00919
E 129.04259
Q 128.05858
G 57.02146
H 137.05891
I 113.08406
L 113.08406
K 128.09496
M 131.04049
F 147.06841
P 97.05276
S 87.03203
T 101.04768
W 186.07931
Y 163.06333
V 99.06841