SQL statements against the STUDENT schema in Oracle Solved

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This lab is similar to lab 4, but in this lab you will write the 10 SQL statements against the STUDENT schema in Oracle. Your statements should run error-free and should be valid. Submit two separate files: one plain text file (.txt or .sql file) with your statements only; and the other document (doc/docx/pdf) include both your statements and your query results (copy and paste text or screen shots). The instructor and TA should be able to run your plain text source file as script and generate the same output as shown in your result document.
1. Display all information about all courses that have no prerequisite
2. Add yourself as a new student to the Student table (use sequence STUDENT_ID_SEQ.NEXTVAL as Student_ID and 07070 as zip)
3. List all students (display Student_ID, first name and last name) who live in zip 07070
4. Show how many students who have phone area code 212 (HINT: use the SUBSTR function)
5. List all student names who work for Electronic Engineers and registered on or after Feb. 3, 2007
6. List all courses that have “Intro to Information Systems” as prerequisite (HINT: use a subquery)
7. For all students who have phone area code 212, change the code to 202 while keeping the same phone number (HINT: consider using functions such as SUBSTR and LENGTH)
8. Delete your own student record added for query 2
9. Lower cost of all courses by 300
10. List all course costs (show course description and cost only) by the order of cost from lowest to highest (show courses without cost first)
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