2 players dice game involving rolling 5 dices Solved

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Microsoft visual C# programming project

2 players dice game involving rolling 5 dices. Code the 6 faces of a dice image and able to roll them randomly.

There involves a score system where everytime a sequence of dice rolled, example, results of a sequence of five, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, player will earn a score of 25 points.

Other sequences and combinations of numbers will earn different points.

There will be a target score set by players at the start of the game to be met. Eg 50 points.

After player(s) score targeted score (50), the game will end.

Each player will be able to roll the set of dices maximum three times during a turn. If player wishes to keep a certain number, player can choose to HOLD the number and continue to roll the rest of the dices. Player can end his turn after 1 or 2 rolls, turn will automatically be over after 3 rolls and it will be next player’s turn to roll.



  • Able to code 6 faces of a dice to show number (1-6)
  • Randomise the occurences of number (1-6) for each roll
  • Code a score system to keep track of the score after each turn
  • Code a “Hold” button/checkbox so this dice will not be rolled if clicked.
  • Have an output box for description after every roll, such as displaying player’s name and score earned with which kind of sequence/combination


Score system

  1. Sequence of 5, irregardless of positions, score is 25
  2. Sequence of 4, score is 15
  3. Sequence of 3, score is 5
  4. 5 of a kind, score is 30
  5. 4 of a kind, score is 20
  6. 3 of a kind, score is 10
  7. If total of 5 dices is even, score is added to player’s score
  8. If total of 5 dices is odd, score is subtracted to player’s score
  9. If appear cases of 2 sequence/combination of results, the one with higher score will be recorded
  • programming-project.zip