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What is the output of the following C++ program? #include #include using namespace std; class Circle { public: Circle(double radius) {this-radius = radius; } void put() const {cout << “Radius = ” << radius;} private: double radius; }; class ColoredCircle: public Circle { public: ColoredCircle(double radius, string color); void put() const; private: string color; }; ColoredCircle::ColoredCircle(double radius, string color) : Circle(radius), color(color) {} void ColoredCircle::put() const { Circle::put(); cout << ” Color = ” << color; } int main() { ColoredCircle redCircle(100., “red”); Circle* circle1 = &redCircle; circle1-put(); cout << endl; Circle circle(50.); Circle* circle2 = &circle; circle2-put(); cout << endl; return 0; } Modify the program so that the put function is virtual. What is the output after that change?