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This project provides an introduction to OCaml programming and some
warm-up exercises involving tree manipulation and recursive
programming (both of which will be highly useful when building the
compiler). It will also familiarize you with the basic workflow of the
projects in this course, including the testing framework that we will
use to (partially) automate the grading of your projects.

(1) Assignment submission

Most of the instructions for this project are found as comments in the
source files. For this project, you should primarily fill the and submit your directory as assign1.tar.gz directory.

When we execute the following set of commands on a linux box, your
submission should execute the tests. If you create the tar file in the
wrong fashion, it may not have the correct directory structure.

tar -zxvf assign1.tar.gz
cd assign1
./ocamlbuild main.native
./main.native –test

Instructions for creating the tar file. Lets say all your assign1 materials are in the assign1 directory


#tar -c assign1 assign1.tar

#gzip assign1.tar

The last command should create assign1.tar.gz

(2) Grading

You will get no credit if your submitted program does not compile.
Apart from the test already given, we will run some hidden tests. Your
points will be 65% for passing the given tests (with correctly written
code) and 35% for the hidden tests.