SOLVED: Ethical Hacking

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“Ethical Hacking” Please respond to one of the following:

Suppose a coworker approaches you and asks what an ethical hacker does. She does not understand the role that an ethical hacker plays in the security industry and assumes that such a hacker intentionally causes damage. Explain to your hypothetical coworker what an ethical hacker is and the fundamental manner in which such a hacker differs from a black hat hacker. Justify your response with an example of each type of hacker, and indicate the role each hacker plays in your given example.
Explain the main differences between white hat and grey hat hackers. Provide a brief example of a grey hat hacker. Describe the role that you believe grey hat hackers play in the security industry, and indicate whether or not you believe grey hat hacking is equivalent to ethical hacking. Provide a rationale for your response.
Comment on and share your views on the Instructor Insight article from the week 1 Unit homepage.
Comment on any hacking related current event.

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