Patient Intake and Follow-Up Workflow Template

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Reference Figure 7-16 in Ch. 7 (p. 176) of your textbook Health Information Technology and Management.

Read the following scenario:

Dorothy has been experiencing constant headaches and fatigue. She decides it is time to visit her doctor, and she contacts her doctor’s office and schedules an appointment for the following day.

Complete the table below by identifying 10 to 12 steps you will need to follow when assisting Dorothy from patient intake to patient follow-up. Be as specific as possible. For example, Step 1 may be, “Dorothy walks into the doctor’s office and registers.”


Step 1 
Step 2 
Step 3 
Step 4 
Step 5 
Step 6 
Step 7 
Step 8 
Step 9 
Step 10 
Step 11 
Step 12 


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