Project 4 WebGL 3D Project Solved

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In this project you will create a unique 3D animated scene composed of WebGL graphic components.

The scene should include animation, lighting, textures, frame buffers and multiple objects.


  1. Using WebGL create a unique 3D animated scene. The scene has the following specifications: a. Size: 640×480
    1. Includes at least 10 different objects.
    2. Uses multiple lighting effects on different materials
    3. Uses multiple textures
    4. Includes radio buttons, slider bars or other widgets to turn on or off certain components of the animation.
    5. Uses frame buffers to organize the memory resources that are needed to render the scene.


  1. Use WebGL
  2. All JavaScript source code should be written using Google JavaScript style guide.(
  3. Prepare, conduct and document a test plan verifying each method is functioning properly



  1. All JavaScript source code used for this project. Code should adhere to the Google Javascript style guide.
  2. Word or PDF file demonstrating with clearly labeled screen captures and associated well-written descriptions, the successful execution of your 3D WebGL animated scene. The document should be well-written, well-organized, include page numbers, captions for all screen captures, and a title page including your name, class, section number and date. References should be included for all sources used and formatted in APA style.