Program that simulates an automated teller machine (ATM) Solved

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Analyze, design, and implement a program that simulates an automated teller machine (ATM) connected to a bank server with ten user accounts ( you can just have id’s no need for username or password.. Just pin will do like card pin enter). Initially, the ATM has 100 hundred dollar bills, 100 fifty dollar bills, 100 twenty dollar bills, and 100 five dollar bills. Each user account has the owner’s name(pin with users name), an account number, a passcode for an ATM transaction, a balance of its checking account, and a balance of its savings account.


Customer Mode

An account owner can:

withdrawal money

deposit money

transfer money between his/her savings account and checking account, and

transfer money between checking accounts of two different customers.


Operator Mode

To access the operator mode, you need to enter a password.

Display the number of each bills

Put a given number of money bills in the ATM

Remove a given number of money bills from the ATM