C program that rotates the entire contents of a user-input string Solved

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Question: One of the more interesting possibilities that strings allow is the ability to manipulate the letters within them. Write a C program that rotates the entire contents of a user-input string. Your program then prints out an entire cycle of rotations, with each rotation moving every character in the string to the left one place. The first character of the string should be moved to the end of the string. The rotation ends when the last string rotated matches the original. The program must be able to handle any input string of less than eighty characters. Your program also must allow the user to continue using the program by asking the user if they want to enter another string. A user input of “yes” or “YES” (minus the quotes) should restart the program. Use at least one user-defined function in the program. Refer to the sample output below.

Sample Run: Please enter your string: Hello there

Hello there

ello thereH

llo thereHe

lo thereHel

o thereHell







Hello there

Would you like to enter another string? no