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Write a class Polynomial that stores a polynomial such as
p(x) = 5x
10 + 9x
7 – x – 10
as a linked list of terms. A term contains the coefficient and the power of x. For example, you
would store p(x) as
Supply methods to add, multiply, and print polynomials. Supply a constructor that makes a
polynomial from a single term. For example, the polynomial p can be constructed as
Polynomial p = new Polynomial(new Term(-10, 0));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(-1, 1));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(9, 7));
p.add(new Polynomial(new Term(5, 10));
Then compute p(x) x p(x)
Polynomial q = p.multiply(p);

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Lab 9
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