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Design a class that has an array of floating-point numbers. The constructor should accept an integer argument and dynamically allocate the array to hold that many numbers. The private data members of the class should include the integer argument in a variable to hold the size of the array and a pointer to float type to hold the address of the first element in the array . The destructor should free the memory held by the array . In addition, there should be member functions to perform the following operations :

• Store a number in any element of the array

• Retrieve a number from any element of the array

• Return the highest value stored in the array

• Return the lowest value stored in the array

• Return the average of all the numbers stored in the array Demonstrate the Class in a Program

SAMPLE RUN : Interactive Session: Creating a Float Class Array Object with a size of 5.Using setI function with calls (0,1.4),(1,2.3),(2,3.13),(3,6.66),(4,7.711) to load array. Using getI with all legitmate index values to print array.

The value of fArray1[0]= 1.4

The value of fArray1[1]= 2.3

The value of fArray1[2]= 3.13

The value of fArray1[3]= 6.66

The value of fArray1[4]= 7.711

Calling getHi returns highest value in array as: 7.711

Calling getLow returns lowest value in array as: 1.4

Calling getAvg returns the average of the array as: 4.2402