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Database: You will use your entity-relationship diagram in the creation of your database. .

Tables: Should have at least four tables that will display the data that is important to the store owners. Identify the primary and foreign keys that are necessary to relate the tables.

B. Import Data: Use SQL statements to import the data into the tables you just created. You will come up with each of your data sets yourself. You should have at least five records for each table. Include screenshots that show the populated tables annotated with the SQL statements that you used.

C. Queries: After you have populated the tables, write queries to extract the data to answer the owner’s questions. Include screenshots that show each query and the corresponding query results. 

Queries need to answer these questions

How many books are sole each month by the publisher?

Which authors are the biggest sellers of books in our stores?

What books are associated with each publisher?

What are the most popular products besides books that are sold in each store?

From what region s by zipcode do customers visit our store?


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