Internet-Programming Midterm Solved

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Create structured HTML/JavaScript site with 3 parts

  • MAIN

Or implement bootstrap HTML & CSS layout with a simple menu (navBar).


  1. HEADER: Place the logoswf (for bootstrap, just put your ID for the name in the navBar)
  2. Left part: menu HOME | Quiz | Contact (for bootstrap, menu items)
  3. Main part has different content according to the client’s activity
    1. HOME: html is shown: MainText.docx (text, images). Try not to use inline styles, and inline css classes. All stylings or scripts should be in separate files.
    2. Quiz: this is part of the site where you need to implement simple quiz.
      1. Q1: Your Name and ID (free text, validated, not empty)
      2. Q2: Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript (choose one)
        1. <scripting>
        2. <js>
        3. <javascript>
        4. <script>
  • The external JavaScript file must contain the <script> tag (check all that apply)
    1. True
    2. False
    3. None
    4. Both
  1. How do you write “Hello World” in an alert box? (Select option)
    1. Alert(“Hello World”);
    2. alertBox(“Hello World”);
    3. msg(“Hello World”);
    4. msgBoxl(“Hello World”);


Count the number of seconds that it took to submit the answers and display it (your choice where to display).


  1. Contact: Insert new contact into DB*. Form fields are:
    1. Surname (required, at least 10 characters),
    2. Name (required),
  • StudentId (only numbers),
  1. e-mail (validated),
  2. note (free text)

On SAVE click

  • You need to check whether all fields are entered and validated accordingly.
  • Create a json object from collected data on the form. Print that object to console and save it to *localStorage.