Internet-Programming Final Solved

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  1. Implement a page that will make a Post to a Conversion API.
  2. Write a function that will read from a local text file (exam.txt) and display the result in html control.
  3. Make a data table page that will display all students:
    1. The api that is available is :
    2. It should be possible to search for students by studentId (student index)
  4. Make a student details page:
    1. It should have an edit option (this is a BONUS )
  5. Make a page that will implement add operation of a new student (POST):



  1. FirstName – text
  2. LastName –text
  3. StudentId – text
  4. Email – text

When the operation is successful display a message or redirect to the data table page (or the details page, from the bonus).