In C++, create a program that represents a savings account Solved

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In C++, create a program that represents a savings account. The program should be written

1. Create a class named SavingsAccount

2. The class should be defined in its own header file and have at least the following data members and functions:

Data Members

– accountOfficer, represents the account officer who is responsible for the account.

– oDate,represents the date that the account was opened.

– annualInterestRate, represents the interest currently on the account. This value should be the same for all objects created.

– customer, represents the Customer of this account.

-accountNumber, data member to represent the account number of the account.

-balance, data member to represent the current balance of the account.

Data members shared by all objects of the class:

– activeOfficer, represents the current account officer who is creating accounts

– cdate, represents today’s date

Member functions:

– Default Constructor(), this constructor should initialize that data members appropriately

– Constructor(), this constructor should initialize that data members customer, savingsBalance, and accountNumber to the corresponding values passed to it.

Note that the data members, accountOfficer, and oDate should be initialized to the activeOfficer and tDate objects respectively.

– modifyInterestRate(), this function should modify the value of the data member annualInterestRate to the value of the parameter passed to it.

– updateSavingsBalance(), this function should calculate the monthly interest and update the savings balance data member with the interest results

– Any other methods as necessary

3. Write a class source code implementation file that contains any necessary declaration of the static variable in global space and code implemenation of all methods in the class.

4. Write a driver program to test this class. The program should:

– Prompt you to enter the current Account Officer on duty.

– Prompt you to enter today’s date

– Prompt you to enter current interest rate.

– Create an array of pointers for up to some maximum number of accounts that can be created.

– Allow for the program to continuosly create new accounts (up to maximum) requesting the appropriate information each time.

5. Once all the accounts have been created, the program should:

– invoke a local function accumulateInterest() whose purpose is to update savings balnce for each account created for one year (e.g. 12 months) of savings. This function should take as an argument the array of accounts and accumulate teh interest for one year (i.e. 12 times) on each object of the array.

– invoke a local function to output a blance summary for each account.

Sample Run:

Current Account Officer: John Williams

Current Date: 11/14/2018

Current annual interest rate: 5%

Enter Customer name: Ted Johnson

Enter Starting balance: 10000.0

Enter Customer name: Raul Lopez

Enter Starting balance: 100.0

Enter Customer Name: –

Accumulating Interest for one year…

Account Officer Date Opened Customer Current Balance

John Williams 11/14/2018 Ted Jones $105000.00

John Williams 11/14/2018 Raul Lopez $105.0