Menu-driven exam program that uses examination Solved

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write a menu-driven exam program that uses examination question class hierarchy.

objective of the programming:

  1. Load an exam
  2. Take an exam
  3. Show exam results
  4. Quit

Choice 1: Load the exam based on user’s prompt for an exam file. I created the exam under the “examPlanets.cpp”. When the user enters examPlanets, it should load the examPlanets program but not run it “response should be “examPlanets is loaded”..

Choice 2: When selected, The examPlanets program should run (it presents 10 T&F questions and tracks the answers to give a total score at the end). Upon completion of the exam, the program should return the user to the examMain menu.

Choice 3: When selected, it should show the exam title that was taken and the total score in points and percentage (example: “Total Points for examPlanets 100, Total Score “should show what the score was from the exam that ran”).

Choice 4: Quit the program gracefully by displaying a “thank you” type message to the user, and ensure that all files have been closed along with any other housekeeping that should be done as the program shuts down.