US. Crime statistics Java Appliction Solved

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Design a Java application that will read a file containing data related to the US. Crime statistics from 1994-2013. The description of the file is shown below. The application should provide statistical results on the data. Constructor should not be used to assign the array elements. The assignment of the array elements should be done as you read the items of a line of the file into the array. A user-friendly and well-organized menu should be used for users to select which data to return. The menu system should be displayed at the command prompt, and continue to redisplay after results are returned or until Q is selected. If a user enters an invalid menu item, the system should redisplay the menu with a prompt asking them to enter a valid menu selection.

The application should provide statistical results on the data including:

a. Population growth in percentages from each consecutive year.

b. Years where the maximum and minimum Murder rates occurred

c. Years where the maximum and minimum Robbery rates occurred.

d. Total percentage change in Motor Vehicle Theft between the years 1998 and 2012.

e. Two (2) additional crime statistics results you add to enhance the application functionality.