Equations and conditionals solved

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a. Create a web app for weight conversion: from Pounds to Kilograms and from Kilograms toPounds. Assume 1 Kilogram = 2.2 pounds. Do NOT do other conversions (like dollars topounds). I only want to see PoundsKilogram conversions. Do this problem only.1.a.i. Hint: Use one input box.1.a.ii.


Use a drop-down to select which conversion to perform.1.a.iii. Hint: The two formulas are: Pounds =Kilograms*2.2 AND Kilograms=Pounds/2.2b.

Name this app conversion.html2. EQUATIONS AND LOOPSa.

Create a web app to calculate present value. Do this problem only. Do not do otherequations.

You must use a loop and not the built-in power function.2.a.i. Hint: The equation for present value is: ???????? = ????????×1(1+????)????2.a.ii. Hint: Use three input boxes, one for FV, for r, and for t2.a.iii. Hint: you know how to calculate YX using loops, which is similar to (1+r)t. Take theinverse of that and multiply by FVb. Name this app presentvalue.html

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