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Assignment 8 (Winter 2017)

Write the code to implement this class.  You MUST use the data and method names given as well as the types provided. You may implement the internal parts of the methods as you see fit.  A (-) indicates that the data or method type is private.  A (+) indicates that the data or method type is public.  Your methods must be instance methods.  The type indicates the return type, the parameter type or the data type, depending on where it occurs.  You must use the constructors with fewer parameters to code the constructors with more parameters.  We will work some of this in class.

Class: Employee


(-) surName : String


(-) givenName : String


(-) birthYear : int


(-) birthMonth : int


(-) birthDay : int


(-) streetAddress : String


(-) city : String


(-) state : String


(-) zipCode : String


(-) phoneNumber : String


(-) jobTitle : String


(-) salary : double


Last name of employee


First name of employee








Address Ex: “123 My Street”


City Ex: Seattle


State Ex: WA


Zip Code Ex: 98124


Phone number Ex: 2536575431


Name of position Ex: Supervisor


Annual Pay  Ex: 75000.0




Employee(surName, givenName)


Employee(surName, givenName, birthYear, birthMonth, birthDay)


Employee(surName, givenName, birthYear, birthMonth, birthDay, salary)









Accessors (getters)

(+) getName( ) : String



(+) getSurName( ) : String


(+) getGivenName( )  : String


(+) getBirthDate( )  : String






(+) getStreetAddress( )  : String


(+) getCity( )  : String


(+) getState( ) : String


(+) getZipCode( )  : String


(+) getPhoneNumber( )  : String



(+) getJobTitle( )  : String


(+) getSalary( )  : String





(+) toString( ) : String






(+) equals(otherEmployee) : boolean


Return the name formatted as “surname, given name”


Return the surname


Return the given name


Return the birth date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD where the YYYY is the 4 digit year, the MM is the 2 digit month, and the DD is the 2 digit day.  You must pad with 0’s if needed and you must have the “-“’s .


Return the street address


Return the city


Return the state


Return the Zip code


Return the phone number formatted as (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.  Where the x’s represent the digits


Return the job title


Return the salary formatted as $xxxxx.xx where the x’s represent the dollars and cents.  Cents must be two digits only and you must include the “$” sign.


Returns the String containing: The surname, the given name, the address, and the phone number. Where the names are on one line, the address is on three lines (street, city , state and zip) , and the phone number is on one line.


Returns true if the employee name (surname and given) and birthdate (year, month, and day)  are the same as the other Employee otherwise returns false





Mutators (setters)

(+) setSurName(String)


(+) setGivenName(String)


(+) setBirthYear(int)


(+) setBirthMonth(int)


(+) setBirthDay(int)


(+) setStreetAddress(String)


(+) setCity(String)


(+) setState(String)


(+) setZipCode(String)


(+) setPhoneNumber(String)


(+) setJobTitle(String)


(+) setSalary( double)


(+) raise(int)


Set or Replace the surname


Set or Replace the given name


Set or Replace the birth year


Set or Replace the birth month


Set or Replace the birth day


Set or Replace the street address


Set or Replace the city


Set or Replace the state


Set or Replace the Zip code


Set or Replace the phone number


Set or Replace the job title


Set or Replace the salary


Change the salary to reflect the raise as an increase of the given percent.  The percent is in integer form where 100 is 100 percent.



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