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Create the objects (attributes, entities & relationships etc) as defined in the ERD using SQL DDL statements which will include the following:
Drop statements for all objects in the lab project (drop existing objects first so that you can rerun your script without error).
Create statements for all tables and keys of your project.
Create indexes on natural key columns, foreign keys, and other columns that will be frequently used as query filters.
Create views.
Create sequences.
Create triggers.
Check content of the catalog/data dictionary.
This section should contain SQL SELECT statements to query DBMS catalog/data dictionary (such as user_objects or user_tables) to demonstrate the proper functioning of each object.
The deliverable would be two separate files: one plain text file (.txt or .sql file) with your SQL statements only; and the other document (doc/docx/pdf) include both your SQL statements and the output (copy and paste text or screen shots). The instructor and TA should be able to run your plain text source file as script and generate the same output as shown in your result document.
See Learning Demonstration posted under Course Content/Hands-on Resources for step-by-step instructions (refer to numbers 4 and 5).
Also attached is the ERD that should be used!

  • sql.txt
  • sql_screen.docx