SOLVED:Database Systems Assignment 3 solution

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For this assignment you are to design a a database model by way of an ERD using MySQL Workbench, create that database (forward engineer) into your MySQL location, and add data to the created database. You will then back up your database. You are to create a database for the GCS company as described in problem 10 of chapter 5 (pp 174-179 in 10th edition, pp 183-189 in the 11th). Create all required entities, you will need somewhat more than 10 of them. Pay attention to data types and nulls/not-nulls. At this point you do not need to worry about “indexes to maintain entity integrity when using surrogate primary keys”. Save your complete diagram in a .mwb file (this is what Workbench creates) – you will be turning that in. After completing the diagram, forward engineer the diagram into your database as you did in the lab. Be sure to name your schema the same name as your database on ix. Then, populate the database with the data provided in the text. Note that the data there is in forms which may be spread across several tables. Also, you may need to provide data not given, such as addresses and surrogate keys, if you added any. Once you have populated your database, do a back-up into a .sql file. To do this, use the “Data Export” tab on the upper-left of MySQL Workbench, and choose the “Export to self-contained file” option. You may work by yourself, or with one other person. If you work with another person, you only need to turn in one copy of your work, and both of you will receive the same grade. If one team member needs access to the database location of the other team member, let the instructor and GTF know so the access permissions can be adjusted. To turn this in
Collect your .mwb file …
… your .sql file containg the database dump…
and create a .pdf document with team members and any comments about the database
Put these three diles in a folder, zip it, and uplod one copy of it to blackboard.