CSIT214 Lab 5 Solved

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The specification for a spelling checker program is as follows:

The checker accepts two external inputs: a document file name and a personal dictionary file name; these refer to the two external files used by the system. The major output of the checker is a list of misspelt words, i.e. all words not contained in either the dictionary or personal dictionary files. Two other outputs are a ‘number of words processed’ message and ‘number of words used from personal dictionary’ message. At any point in the checking process, the user can query the number of words processed and the number of spelling errors. The standard dictionary file used by the checker is considered an internal logical file.

The complexity of each data/transactional type is rated average (medium), except ‘standard dictionary file’ and ‘list of misspelt words’ which are considered complex (high).

  1. Calculate the unadjusted function point value
  2. Calculate an adjusted function point value where all of the general system characteristics scored a value of 2.

Task 2:

Using COCOMO II to estimate the effort for developing an Internet banking system. Assume that all scale factor values are rated nominal and all effort multipliers are 1. The system is estimated to have 2 millions line of code.


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