CSIT214 Lab 4 Solved

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Task 1: (Verbal progress report for the project) – 3 minutes per group

  • One member from each group presents the progress of their group
    • Use 1-2 slides
    • Introduce their group members and their roles.
    • Report on progress and plans for the remaining of the project.

Task 2:

Create a precedence activity network using the following details. You can draw this on paper or use a tool of your choice.

Activity Depends on Duration


A   5
B A 7
C B 6
D A 5
E D 10
F B 15
G B 8
H G 8
I C 4
J G 4
K E,F 5
L I,H 3


Calculate the earliest and latest start and end dates and the float associated with each activity. From this identify the critical path.


  • Week-4-Solutions-edvr1r.pptx